As we discuss your audiographies during class on Thursday, October 14th, we might find R. Murray Schafer’s “sonographic” tools productive:

  • Keynote Sound: backgrounded, fundamental tone against which other sounds are perceived (e.g., the sea)
  • Signal Sound: foregrounded sound to which the attention is particularly directed (e.g., a boat whistle)
  • Soundmark: a community sound which is unique or possesses qualities which make it noticed by people in that community (e.g., church bells)
  • The physical characteristics of the sound (i.e., acoustics–tempo, rhythm, pitch, envelope, tone)
  • The way in which sounds are perceived (i.e., psychoacoustics)
  • The sound’s function and meaning (i.e., social and cultural semiotics and semantics)
  • The sound’s emotional or affective qualities (i.e., aesthetics).

During class, we’ll workshop the audiographies through these terms and approaches.

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